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Challenge Yourself

March 01, 2018

Challenge Yourself

The only way to get better at anything is by pushing your own limits and challenging yourself to become the best you can become.  This is easier said than done until you understand that it is the only way to live.  Nobody gets better by remaining comfortable right?  Comfort comes from being complacent.  You will never advance in life by remaining comfortable with your surroundings, your day to day, and your work.  Now, if you can’t grow from being comfortable, you must flip the switch and become uncomfortable, right?  How does one become uncomfortable?  You have to challenge yourself.  You have to take things that you may not be used too, things that you are afraid of, things you may feel like you don’t necessarily need to be doing, and go do them.  Challenging yourself is the only way to get better.


I don’t know about you, but I love being lazy.  I love laying around, looking at cars on the internet, watching funny videos, and lounging back watching ESPN.  Every time I do that, I notice that my competition is getting a leg up on me.  Every time I do that, it becomes harder for me to work.  I also love to sleep in, probably more than anything else that I love to do, I love to sleep in. 


How to challenge yourself?  This is different for everyone and I cant speak for everyone but I can speak for myself.  I’m going to list a few things I do everyday to challenge myself.  After your done reading this, reach out to us and lets talk about ways that you can challenge yourself daily to get better.


  1. So you know how I said I love to sleep? We’ll I love kicking the days ass.  I want to challenge myself everyday to be awake before the sun rises.  Imagine that, knowing that the strongest force that we know can’t rise to the occasion before you do?  Now, I am guilty of not doing this EVERY morning, but I try to do it at least six times per week.  Why don’t you try it out?  Head to bed at 10-10:15 and wake up 15 minutes before the sun pops its head into the world.
  2. Another challenge for me is being lazy. I make sure that the first thing I do when I wake up is get a workout in.  Whether it’s some light cardio or a nice heavy lift, I want to start my day off knowing I can control my body.  If you can’t control your body, how can you control your mind?  If you can’t control your mind, how do you control your life?
  3. I am in the people industry and I have to spend most of my day communicating with people who I may know, I may not know, or that have no idea who I am when I cold call them. Not everyday do I want to do this, but I have too.  I challenge myself everyday to make one new organic fan/friend.  I do this by reaching out to people and asking them if there is anyway I can assist them on getting better.  Take a step out of your comfort zone and go make a new friend.
  4. Now, the average CEO in America reads 60 books per year, and the average American with the average income reads under 1 book per year. People are quick to talk about how they wish they had more money, wish they could play a better card, but the truth is, they aren’t doing a thing to help themselves get better.  Sad, isn’t it?  Now, odds are, this is going to resonate with you and may even piss you off, but I honestly don’t care.  The things that bother you are the things that need to be addressed.  Instead of spending an extra twenty minutes on Instagram at night looking at other peoples lives, why not pick up a book and read.  Find something you love and go read about it. 



These are just a few tips, I could go on forever.  Why don’t you try to spend the next week working on these and feel free to hit me up and discuss them, I would love to hear from you. My personal goal is to reach 8 billion people and help them get better and better each day.  I want to see this world smiling and smiling together and I won’t rest until I do, but I need YOUR help to push this message.


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