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Don’t Know What To Do In Life? Here Are Some Tips To Figure It Out!

March 23, 2018

Don’t Know What To Do In Life? Here Are Some Tips To Figure It Out!

Don’t Know What To Do In Life? Here Are Some Tips To Figure It Out 

            Many of us have had a hard time trying to figure out which path we want to go down.  Some of us are young enough to make the decision and it be the first path we choose and some of us are on a path and maybe it’s not exactly what you thought it would be and you don’t love it the way you had thought you were going to.

            This is so common, and it is such a problem with our society.  In a society where we have so many people depressed, on drugs, hating life, miserable, and unhappy and loaded with negativity, you have to think that that must stem from what the do on a daily basis.  If you don’t absolutely love what you are doing for a living, aren’t you wasting your own time?  Wouldn’t that be the cause of all of this depression?

            Now, I understand that it isn’t a walk through the park to change careers, change paths, and pick up something new and leaving what you have been doing behind, especially if it is your only way to pay the bills.  What you can start doing is this:

  • Spend some time thinking about things you would enjoy doing every day for the rest of your life that you already have a knowledge and understanding in.
  • Research someone who is in the industry you would like to be in and figure out what it is they do to receive income from that industry. Do your research, there are more than one way to make money doing what you love and all you have to do is get creative and learn from others.
  • Head to the local library or amazon and pick up a book or two that involves the industry you are thinking about being in.
  • Develop a plan for yourself to start executing the things you are learning on a small scale while you are still working your other job.


           I hate listening to people talk about how “they have no time” or “when I get home from work I am just so tired I want to relax and turn on the television”.  Well, that same attitude is the reason they will continue to be stuck in a position they don’t necessarily want to be in.  Everyone can squeeze an hour or two per day into learning about something and expanding their pipeline. 

          I am running three businesses and every day I spend time trying to learn how to advance and start my fourth and fifth business.  These businesses run hand in hand with one another and bring me parallel streams of income, but all of these businesses have taken and will take time and knowledge to learn how to operate and grow.

           My point is this, spend more time trying to figure out what it is you are good at, what you enjoy, and find out if it is profitable, I bet the answer is yes.

          Hey, if you’re going to do something every day for the rest of your life, you better make it something you love.

If you have any questions, you know where to find me.