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Stop Taking "No" For An Answer

March 16, 2018

Stop Taking

Stop Taking No For An Answer


            From the time we were born, we were told “No”.  As a kid, you heard the word “No” each and every day.  You were taught to not be persistent and that “no” means stop chasing, asking, and going for.  “No” has trained us to become okay with taking what we can get instead of getting what we want.

            If you are in sales, you’re going to be told “No” each and every day, you’re going to deal with rejection, be told to stop calling, you might even get cursed out.  Your girlfriend/boyfriend, mother/father, brother/sisters, friends and colleagues are going to tell you “No” all the time. 

            The word “No” is so powerful when you learn how to use it the right way.  You see, a lot of the time we can ignore the fact that other people tell us “No”, but we listen to our own voice in our head telling us “No” all the time:


“No, I don’t know how to do that.”

“No, I will never be able to do what he did and accomplish that much, I don’t have what it takes.”

“No, this is too hard, I don’t want to keep going.”

“No, I’ll never be able to afford that dream car and boat.  That house will never be mine.”

“No, my dreams are too big for me to believe they are realistic.”


            The “No” if your own head is the worst “No” you can ever hear.  The word “No” is the most negative word that can flow through your head each and every day.  I understand how we were all brought up being taught in school, by family, and by friends, to not dream too big because eventually “You will be let down”. 

            Let me tell you something, anyone who tells you to stop dreaming so big and trying to convince you to allow that “No” come into your head has either already given up on their dream and got hurt because they didn’t achieve it and are trying to look out for you in love and concern, or those people are afraid to see your surpass them.

            Don’t allow anybody put that “No” in your head.  Wake up every morning, walk over to a mirror, think of your dreams, and tell yourself “Yes, Yes, Yes!” over and over again until you are so overwhelmed by it that you can’t spend another moment not chasing after them.


Start trying this tactic every day and get in touch with me and let me know the results or if you have any questions that I could possibly answer. Don’t forget, since you read this and want to better yourself, make sure to use the code “Blog50” at checkout and take care of yourself with 50% off site wide.


Think Big, Work Bigger.