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“Your job is easy, you don’t have to answer to anyone”

March 30, 2018

“Your job is easy, you don’t have to answer to anyone”

“Your job is easy, you don’t have to answer to anyone”

            Working for yourself is a simple easy task, right?  You don’t have to wake up early to go to work for the man, right?  You don’t answer to anyone, right?  You get to make your own schedule and work when you want to work, right?  It’s nothing like working a real job, right?

 Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong and Wrong again.  There is nothing easy about working for yourself.  Nothing at all.  You have to have the discipline each and every day to wake up and get done what needs to get done.  You have someone to answer to and to answer too every day and that person doesn’t disappear, it is yourself.

Those who think that working for yourself is supposed to be easy is probably lazy.  The difference between collecting a check from someone and creating your own check is night and day.  Imagine having the pressure on you and only you to make your income?  What about when you have employees, when people rely on you for their living.  Is it easy then?  Is it easy when peoples dreams are in your hands and the right move to make is always in your hands?

Make your own schedule?  I wish.  Any successful entrepreneur is up before the rest of the world and asleep after them.  They have to spend hours each day studying the industry, reading books, learning, networking and so much more.  That’s on top of them making sure their business is running smoothly and effectively and is continuing to grow each day.

You’re right, being an entrepreneur is nothing like having a regular job.  It doesn’t involve you having the comfort of knowing you have that check coming in on Friday for showing up and going through motions.  It doesn’t involve having a traditional 9-5, it have a 24 hours a day 7 days per week schedule.  It doesn’t involve you being obligated to show up because someone is telling you too, you have to show up because YOU are telling YOU too.  It’s not a walk through the park.  It is ugly.

Entrepreneurship involves long lonely nights, longer lonely days.  It involves knowing that you are the one with the ball in your hands and the one who HAS to take the shot every time in the fourth quarter.  It isn’t a game for the weak, it isn’t a game for the simple minded, and it certainly isn’t a game for the lazy.  You have to love getting punched in the mouth with reality over and over again.  You have to love people doubting and hating on you.  You have to love your family not understanding why you do what you do. 


Nobody will understand how an entrepreneur works and operates who isn’t one.


Work hard, be great, and stay positive.


Blakout the negatives.

Destroy the negatives.