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Blakout Clothing was manifested by founder, Gabe Lijoi, in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University in September of 2012. Three months later, the decision was made, Blakout Clothing was going to become a real thing and Gabe got it trademarked and registered on January 13th, 2013 when home from school in New York during a short winter break. Within the next six months, Blakout started to become a familiar local brand in Southern Florida while being ran out of Gabes condo.

Years later, Gabe and his team have grown day by day.  From being a music manager and creative director for some of Musics biggest up-and-coming artists, starting a consulting firm, creating a sourcing company and a digital marketing business, not a minute has gone by that the priority inside of these doors were making sure Blakout Clothing was original, honest, fair, and always accessible.  The day by day hustle has worked out for us and we want to help every single person who believes in what Blakout represents get closer and closer to their goals.

Blakout is stronger then ever.  With clothing in stores throughout the nation, a loyal and dedicated fan base, Blakout is being worn all around the world, everyday, changing the perspective of all those that come across it.  Blakout represents having the ability to Blakout The Negative things going on in your life and to remain positive in all situations.  

Gabe spends hours everyday interacting with the brands followers.  The best part of Blakout is that we are always reachable and always willing to do all we can to help people.  The employees and team within the doors all believe in the same thing, stay positive, by any means necessary.  

If you want to learn more about the brand, Gabe will be releasing his book, You Vs. You, by years end.  It will be available as a digital download and hardcopies.  The book takes you through the history of the brand while Gabe breaks down every positive thing he had done and every mistake he had made before the brand and during the growth of the brand.  The book will be the long story of this incredibly original, creative, and positive brand. 

Make sure to reach out to us and let us know what you think of the brand, the designs, the quality of the gear, or just hit us up to have a conversation, help us help you.